Two Sorters after beta 2 upgrade

This is not a tremendous problem. One of the side sorters has previously set groups which I have now deleted (I didn’t pour a lot into this function in the first beta) and the second identical sorter tab has a couple of newly started groups there.

I have “hidden” the unused sorter, but this only sweeps it under the rug. especially if this might be a problem down the line, please offer suggestions for getting rid of sorter #2 permanently, thanks.

I am experiencing the same issue.


Same problem here

A way to prevent this (before installing the pb2 update) is to go to System Preferences > Accounts and click on the Login tab. Select the Sorter and click on the “-” button to remove it from loading at login.

If you now have two instances of the Sorter, make a note to yourself if you have added Inboxes or groups to slots. I would delete both instances from login as above after having hidden them.

Now, logout/login. In the DT Pro/Office application, choose Help > Install Add-ons. Check the option for Sorter and confirm installation. Now the Sorter is back. Add back the Inbox(es)/group(s) that are missing.

The appearance of duplicate Sorter icons indicates that some revision of the installation is needed.

I did it in this way,
the problem is solved.
After installing the modul “Sorter”,
my former groups appears without anything to do…