Two suggested changes for the manual

(Suggestions from a new user struggling to get a handle on the features of DT)

  1. I appreciate that there are numerous mechanisms available for bringing content into DT. But, as the information on the mechanisms is interwoven with other material across several manual sections (see my probably incomplete list below), it is difficult – particularly for a new user – to select among the possibilities and design a workflow.

The Services Menu (p. 64, et seq),
Download Manager (p. 85, et seq),
Internal Scripts (p. 137, et seq),
Browsers, E-mail, RSS Readers (p. 142, et seq),
Droplets, Finder Plugins, PDF Services (p. 146, et seq),
More Examples (p. 149),
Web Management (p. 150, et seq), and
File Formats (p. 155, et seq).

It would help considerably if there were a separate section (perhaps immediately following Usage Scenarios) that gave a short overview and then links to specific paragraphs elsewhere in the manual, organized by application/format of source, DT file format, metadata (if any) imported, etc.

  1. Editing features (e.g., styling, highlighting) as well as file format conversion facilities available within DT should be included, where applicable, in the File Formats section.