two texts side by side in main window?

I’d like to be able to work on more than one text at a time, preferably by having them sited next to each other in the main window (split screen like). I see a second best solution, namely to open one of them in a seperate window. Is there a way to get what I reckon would be the best?

This has been discussed recently with PDFs in this thread. The same applies to other documents as well-you can have one window only open in the current version of DT.

Hello Greg, thanks for your reply. As far as I see, the question discussed in the referred thread differs in two aspects from mine. I don’t want one and the same document opened twice, but two different ones. And I don’t want them in two windows, but in one. I don’t see either of these precluded there. So, there’s still a little hope.

I understand better what you are looking for now. The only ways that I know of to have two documents open in the main window is to open them in tabs or view them with Cover Flow, but then they still are not both visible at the same time. Of course you could open each document in its own window and place them side-by side, will this work?

it does, it is the one I above described as the second best. Still hoping for the better.