Two things DT could add, and I'd never need a browser

  1. Bookmarklets – not the ones DT provides to use with other browsers, but internal to DT itself, allowing you to perform operations on the page you’re viewing.

  2. Save all tabs. Or is it scriptable, at least?

Thank you for the suggestions! Scriptable tabs & workspaces are scheduled for a 2.x release but the first suggestion is not that likely right now. Although it should be possible to execute the code of bookmarklets via AppleScript and therefore to perform the same action.

Yes, if you know your way around AppleScript, which I do not. For example, how would I convert this incredibly nifty bookmarklet (from’s Readability experiment) into an executable script?


Something like…

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
	tell think window 1 to do JavaScript "<insert JavaScript code here>"
end tell

…should work but doesn’t. I’ll have to check this,.