Two very basic questions

I’m at an early stage on the learning curve with DT Pro and would welcome guidance on the following:

  1. When I take or append a note, it always seems to go to the root level of my DT database. How can I get a note to go straight to the window I am working on?
  2. Groups always appear in alphabetical order in my DT window (list views). Is it possible to change this so I can drag to the order I want?
    Apologies if these are very basic questions.

Roger Blunden

I have just seen an earlier topic here which addresses issue 1. I now see that I can set in preferences where a note is imported. It would still be useful, though, to be able to import directly into whichever group I am currently working on. I don’t quite understand the option ‘top or current group’. If I have that selected, items seem to go into the top group.


Just select a different sorting in the View > Sorting > … submenu. Choose “Unsorted” to be able to reorder the items on your own. Finally, taking notes to various groups will be improved in a future release.

Thank you