Two weird behaviours ('Clip to devonthink' and 'Open Scripts Folder') probably created by using 'CleanMyMac'

Hi all,

I found two weird DT-related behavious in my Mac, which I attribute to the use of CleanMyMac, but perhaps is something else.

I’ve been using CleanMyMac for a couple months now. I use normally the Cleanup option, which deletes System Junk, such as User Cache Files, System Cache Files, System Log Files, User Log Files and Language Files. Normally it says it cleans about 2gb of Junk.

A couple of days ago, I used something else. I am not sure what it was, but I think it was the Extensions section. I don’t remeber but I might have ‘cleaned’ something there.

Since that day, the Clip to devonthink extension doesn’t appear in my Safari toolbar, and it is installed. When I close and reopen safari, it reappears, but just for a few seconds; after that, it dissapears again.

Something else I found is that the ‘Open Script Folder’ now appears as an Icon at the top of my safari browser, together with the icons of other apps I use, and with the internet, batery, date/time icons, etc… The icon looks like an old document, a scroll.

I never told my computer to show up the Script icon there. I actually have no idea what is a Script. I just realized it might be connected to DT (and after that, to CleanMyMac), when I just spotted the same Script icon when I had DT opened.

I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall Clip to DT, but I can’t. It says I should deinstall DT as a whole.

So I wanted to ask what any of you experts would recommend me to do, both with the Script Icon and Clip to DT; and also what do you think about using CleanMyMac.

Thanks a lot.

Which version of DEVONthink do you use? In case of version 3 the Safari extension is actually part of the application and doesn’t have to be installed, only enabled in Safari.

This might be the global scripts menu extra, this can be disabled in the preferences of the Script

Thanks for the quick answer!

I was using 3.0.3, but when checking I realized there was a new version (3.0.4). I just installed it and ‘Clip to DT’ is automatically shown again in Safari. So, that’s fixed.

Ok, I’ll do that. However, do you have any hypothesis how this might have happened, and whether it might be connected to me using CleanMyMac; and more generally, would you recommend using CleanMyMac?

Thanks a lot.

Installing the add-ons for this menu via DEVONthink 3 > Install Add-Ons could activate the scripts menu extra too. Personally I don’t use CleanMyMac and due to all the various issues our users experienced in the past after using it, I can’t recommend it to be honest.