Two Wiki questions

Two questions about using the Wiki with DT3…

(1) When I type two brackets [[ and then one letter, I get a list of potential matches starting with that letter. That is helpful - but I cannot extend that search to 2 or more letters because instead it assumes I am trying to type the full name myself. With a lot of documents it is not practical to narrow down the search to just the first letter. Is there an easier way?

(2) I have set preferences in Wiki to open documents in a new window. I even shut down and restarted DT3 thereafter. But there seems to be no effect; new documents still open in the current window. How do I choose for them to truly open in a new window?

  1. No. Development would have to assess this.
  2. That applies to documents newly created by making a WikiLink from existing text in an RTF, i.e., select text then Format > Make Link

OK thanks

@cgrunenberg could you comment on # 1? That would be a really helpful feature

That’s a known shortcoming.

A bug in case of main windows. It should work if the document is opened in its own window.

If I open the main Wiki document in its own window, clicking on a wiki link still opens that link in the current window - it does not create a new window for the newly opened link.

Weird. Over here it’s working. Definitely no additional window in the Windows menu?

I start here in Wiki Test 1:

Now I choose Wiki test 2 - the original window is renamed and changed to Wiki test 2 rather than adding a new window:

But preferences are set to open new documents in separate Windows:

Any chance on fixing this? (searching for Wiki pages with more than 1 character)

The Wiki pages are a great feature - but the larger my database(s) get, the harder it is to identify the exact name of a page I want to link.

@cgrunenberg - any chancing of fixing the WIki links so it is possible to narrow the search by more than one letter?

Alternatively, is there any way the selection could be by parsing the Group/Document tree in order to select a document to link inside Wiki brackets?

Either solution would notably improve the utility of the Wiki features.

This is a known issue but it’s not an issue of the parser, it’s a workaround due to glitches of the text engine but planned for future releases.

In the meantime, you can enter multiple characters and start completion by pressing Alt-Escape too.

That is a cool trick for the first word - thank you

Is there any way to do that after entering more than one initial word? Right now that helps complete the word but not the document

And an unrelated question - is there any way to link in a WIki to a document in a different DT3 database?


Automatic Wiki links are limited to the same database since version 1.x. A cross-link might be a good alternative.

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The next release will support this.

Excellent - much appreciated

When you mentioned a “cross-link” as an alternative in other databases, do you mean an Item Link or X-Link?

An item link.

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I just realized to my pleasant surprise - that the context menu inside any Rich Text file allows me to choose “Inert Link To” and then insert an active hyperlink to any document or group. That is extremely helpful.

Question - how is the result of such a link different if at all from creating a link inside a Wiki document?

What exactly is a Wiki document? Or do you mean automatic Wiki links?

Yes that is what I mean

How does that different from inserting a link in the Rich Text context menu?