Two wishes for full screen mode

DEVONthink’s full screen mode is great, but I have two suggestions which might it make even greater:

  1. Since screen real estate is growing but the readability of lines is not growing the longer they get it would be very helpful if there were settings for full screen paper width below 50% of the screen width. Or at best if there was a slider that allows fine-tuning.

  2. The full screen would look even better if there was the option to hide the ruler. But—very important but!—without loosing the ability to apply apple styles by short-cuts. (Of course I don’t have the slightest idea if that is technically possible. Keith Blount of Scrivener managed to combine an invisible ruler in full screen mode without loosing the short-cuts to the styles, but to my knowledge these styles are not the standard apple styles anymore.)

Such as the handle in the lower right corner of each window allowing one to resize the window? Very useful if the document is in its own window.

Try Format > Ruler > Show/Hide Ruler, or use shift-cmd-R to show/hide the ruler.

Try Format > Style > Styles, or use control-cmd-T to open/close the styles panel.

I believe the OP is referring to Full Screen mode instead of a window maximized to the full size of the screen. Currently 50% is as narrow as one can make the screen.

I’ll also add a wish for full-screen mode-give the user the option to set the unused borders of the screen (when width is set to under 100%) to the same color as the background. Or, for a really nice option, let the user set the background to a graphic file as is possible with Scrivener.

Yes, I was referring to full screen mode.

But the styles panel does not give access to the styles by short-cuts like the ruler does.