Two words: tabbed browsing

I know I’ve suggested this before, but the more I use DT Pro – and I use it now for most things – the more obvious it becomes: not just for web pages, but for items of any kind.
I almost never use a stand-alone browser any more. DT has changed my whole philosophy of browsing/bookmarking. I arrange my info by subject matter now, or by type of use – of course, using replicants, I can do both – rather than keeping separate collections of bookmarks, notes and documents.
The bookmark management capacities of every other browser are so primitive next to DT it is laughable. No highlighting, no replicants, etc. Safari doesn’t even have a sidebar. Not to mention no clipping/storage/notetaking capacity.
The one thing DT is missing is tabs. (Not being able to open more than one document in a window – that, too, is primitive.) With them, I need never use another browser.

Oh, and it would be nice if the pop-up blocker were optional. Some sites don’t work without them.

I agree about the utility of my bookmark group, with subgroups organized and holding my most important sites for harvesting information from the web. That collection, combined with the ergonomics of the contextual menu options for capturing rich text, HTML or WebArchive content, make the DT Pro browser my favorite for collecting new content from the web.

Perhaps Tabs may come some day – no promises.

But the way I use it, the bookmarks are the equivalent of tabs.

I’ve been so grateful for popup blocking that I haven’t noticed any sites that don’t work without popups – at least none of my big list of bookmarks have problems. In the old days, I used to end up with a big stack of advertisements for Phoenix University. :slight_smile:

Please let us know about any sites that are important to you that won’t function properly without popups. Remember that this feature can be turned off in Safari or in DeVONagent, and you can temporarily switch to your default browser simply by clicking in the URL address field of the DT browser.

I definitely agree that DT needs tabbed browsing. But I still prefer Safari+Quicksilver for my bookmarks.


WebnoteHappy is becoming my favorite bookmark manager, partly because by storing every webnote in its Library it’s not imposing any particular organizational structure on me. I’m quite fond of that kind of “universal inbox” metaphor although Yojimbo didn’t win me over because it’s too inflexible with how it lets me organize “virtual” collections of documents if that’s what I’d choose to do.

I’ve forgive DEVONthink Pro for imposing its hierarchical structure on me because it’s such a usefully powerful tool in many other ways. But I’d still love DTP to use a Yojimbo-like universal Library for content storage, with virtual and smart groups/collections (optionally hierarchical) for organizing it. Add WebnoteHappy-like tagging and a tag browser. What Finder? :slight_smile: