Ugh - title bar at the top of file lists

Hi All –

I had to move Devonthink to a new computer and for some reason I have lost in one of my views the title bar at the top of file lists. See below:

Can someone tell me how to turn this bar on the second list? I think it used to appear, but it does not now.

It’s unclear what you’re referring to, there’s no title bar visible on both screenshots, just the toolbar. Or do you mean the preview pane on the second screenshot?

View > List Columns > Kind

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Ugh… You know, DevonThink is so wonderfully capable, it seems at times so much smarter than I am. I wandered around for ages and could not find view – list columns – kind

Thank you @BLUEFROG you are as always the DevonThink Jedi Master!

My pleasure :slight_smile: