UI-change(?) request - moving the 'circular progress clock' icon to the top

Hello all,

Currently, when syncing DTTG2, apart from the blue Cloud icon – which fills up from left to right – the only other visual cue is the grey ‘circular Clock’ that fills clockwise until fully-grey, indicating the sync progress within a specific database.

This icon is always placed at the absolute bottom of any particular group.
When one navigates into a group with hundreds of items, and pulls down to initiate a ‘group specific’ sync, the Cloud icon activates – but to also see the Clock icon, one needs to then scroll down to the bottom of that group – and with hundreds of items, this takes a while (especially if the sync process appears to introduce a bit of lag in the scrolling).

I know this is a decidedly ‘1st world problem’, but would it be possible to rather have the Clock icon appear at the very top of any view within a group, either directly above or below the Search bar (only whilst sync is taking place, obviously)?

The request is noted but realize it’s not just an empty space at the top of the list. A small swipe downwards exposes the search field. If we dedicate space above the list and you swipe downwards, you’d have to hide the section (perhaps not easily), or have an empty (and odd looking) space below the search field.

Thanks Jim, noted!

I hear you on the possible issues around it being at the top – as mentioned, it’s decidedly a 1st-world problem of ‘finger-fatigue’!

My only counter would be that yes, it might be a bit squashed were it to be at the top, but that since it would only be there while a sync is taking place after being ‘triggered/forced’, it shouldn’t be in the way for too long.

Regardless, thanks for taking down the suggestion.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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