UI Improvements

  1. Attach sort setting to the items displayed; eg, Sidebar by Name, Groups by Name, Items by Date Modified (when Item selected), and Search by Relevance.

  2. Recognizing that you can’t modify the Format Bar, at least put it right next to the Editing Bar or put the Editing Bar next to the Format Bar in the Toolbar.

  3. Add a Toolbar Button for scripts like opening the Scripts Menu, or better yet Buttons that are customizable for individual scripts.

  1. I’m not sure what you’re referring to here.

  2. The request is noted.

  3. There already is a toolbar button for the Scripts menu and you can already add scripts to the toolbar. See Help > Documentation > Automation > Toolbar Scripts.

I apologize for the lack of clarity earlier. And forget my comment about the Sidebar. It doesn’t apply.

Say I’m in Widescreen Preview. Search defaults to sort by Relevance. The current results can be sorted differently, but a new search will return to the by Relevance default. A switch out of Search drops the sort by Relevance and returns to the last-used sort in the Information Bar to display Groups or Items. Works great the way it is.

But for comparison, my Groups start sorted by Name. Now I click on a Group and would rather see the display of Items by Date Modified – as you would for a display of logs or date-sensitive Items. Back to the Groups and now they are also displayed by Date Modified. Back and forth viewing may require choosing the sort setting each time.

What I’m suggesting is a sort setting for Groups, probably by default Name as is the Sidebar. Then another sort setting that may be different taking effect when an Item is clicked. Both settings are independent and remembered to take effect when returning to that view. Like what happens between Search and displaying Groups or Items.

Your Toolbar Scripts suggestion is the answer to get a button for the entire scripts menu. But what about a specific button for an individual script? I duplicated a single script as ~/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Toolbar/Change Date.scpt, but still get the entire scripts menu when the button is clicked and not the added single script.

Thanks for your help.