[UI Suggestion] Visual indicator when only documents are shown in a group

When you view inside a group (or indeed a database itself), there is a fantastic filter to show only the documents, hiding nested groups or smart folders (View > Show Only Documents). This alone already gives DT3 a massive leg up over the Finder.

However, I think it’d be nice if there is a visual clue that tells you the view inside the group is filtered. Perhaps a little asterisk or something after the working directory in the path bar (see graphic)?

Why this suggestion? Well I’ve had panics before when I had forgotten the filter had been applied and I thought I was in a different group or folder, or worse, that somehow things have been deleted inadvertently by a fat finger (mine), since the mind somehow remembers the structure of a folder including other nested elements. This tends to happen when I return to my database after taking a few days off!

Thanks for an indispensable tool!

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Thanks for your suggestion! Noted, with no promises :slight_smile:

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