Ukraine support

We have today donated 30% of our February revenue to humanitarian organizations helping the people in Ukraine.

Your company is awesome!


Thank you :pray:t2: We just did the one little thing we could do.


Yes, but if I may, you actually did something, whereas many others will do nothing.

That is something worth celebrating.


Fantastic! Thank you.


Good! Thank you for supporting this.

There are many developers in Ukraine. My little scanning app that I have used for years to scan into Devonthink on my phone has changed its icon with a little Ukraine blue and yellow in the corner and on researching it is Ukranian based !(I hadn’t realised).


I needed to use scanner pro today and discovered it has many Ukrainian developers on their team, there was an option to donate via their app (which I did).

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The wonderful Setapp curated app subscription service from proud Ukrainian developers MacPaw has not only been sporting the Ukrainian colours and flag in recent app updates (and posted links in their blog on how customers can help), but now has a “Made in Ukraine” collection of apps from Ukrainian developers in the scheme, which you can support either by buying them separately or just by using them preferentially within Setapp itself (which throws more of your subscription to most-used apps). I’ve been using some of these for years without realising they were Ukrainian:

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Thanks for sharing this @NickLowe ! There are some there I hadn’t known were Ukranian either.

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There really are are some ridiculously talented developers there. I’d particularly commend MacPaw’s own Gemini II as a great partner to DT’s duplicate-flagging (on indexed folders/volumes; it won’t of course prune duplicates in databases).

Absolutely and not just the ones working for us. :wink: :slight_smile:
We are fortunate to work along side and actually know several of them.

Thanks also for this month’s donation to JAM–I followed your lead.


Thank you. And thank YOU very much, @J3G, in the name of the children.

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