Unable to copy images

I’m a complete newcomer to working in DEVONthink, although I have been using it for some time as a repository - using the Safari add-on to download web pages for later use. I have pages from a French language forum - text and images - downloaded as PDF files. I now want to reorganise the information for my own research and have started with a new RTFD with the intention of copying certain images and text from the PDF downloads.
Copying the text is not a problem, but I am unable to copy images - well at least not directly. What I can do is extract the images from the PDF files using PDF Toolkit + and then paste them into my RTFD - but this is rather laborious and I am certain that a direct copy from one document to another must be possible. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.


Your results can vary depending on the image type and how the PDF was created, but usually opening the PDF in Preview, selecting the image, copying it, and pasting to an RTF will work. “Selecting the image” means double clicking it so that it is obviously selected (the image usually appears dimmer when selected). A alternative method for selecting the image is to click somewhere near, but not on, the image, hold-drag the cursor across the desired image until it is selected. The selection loupe is not the tool to use for this.

I know you want to click an image in a PDF in DEVONthink and copy it – that’s not going to happen with current capabilities, in my experience. Preview in Mavericks or Yosemite is better for this.

Many thanks for the quick response - I was selecting the images in exactly the manner you described - I will employ Preview from here on in. A little disappointing though.

Many thanks.


Actually I find that there is an “Open with Preview” command and Toolbar Shortcut so not really a problem :slight_smile: