Unable to correctly save web content via Chrome extension

I would like to archive the webpage by Chrome extension, but the snapshot lost almost all the content no matter what kind of archive format I have chosen. The URL is sciencedirect_dot_com/topics/computer-science/toyota-production-system

The sive of the archive is 1.7MB, which means it did stored the source code.

I guess there could be functional conflicts for DEVONthink previewer in displaying the webpage archive. :disappointed:

This content is most likely being served dynamically. Try refreshing the page.
Once it’s loaded, scroll to the bottom, then you can use Data > Capture > PDF (One Page) to capture a PDF of the page.

I tried, but the outcome stays the same, even though a pdf file is generated.

  1. Clip the webarchive to DEVONthink.
  2. Select the webarchive in DEVONthink, click the Refresh button (circular arrow) over the view/edit pane.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to ensure the images are loaded.
  4. Click the Action button (gear icon) and choose PDF (One page).

Thx!!! Finally Worked after Right Click > Reload, and the file size is almost triple than that was sent from safari with the format of pdf. :smiley:

No problem.