Unable to Export Webpage as PDF

I am attempting to export a webpage to be saved in DT3 as a PDF. When I hit “Share” > “Add to Devonthink 3” > “PDF (One Page)” OR “PDF (Paginated)” it exports it as a webpage. When I go into DT3 and try to open what I thought was being saved as a PDF, it gives me an error code because it cannot access the webpage (I often print from sites that I had to log into).

Perhaps I don’t understand how PDF works with the share function in Safari, and someone here can help clarify. TIA!

In which app did you use sharing and what’s the URL of the webpage?

I hit the share icon in safari and it was the page to my benefits. I was logged in and trying to print a pdf page to save in DT3 for my records, but it only shows a login page. I want a pdf printout, not a webpage.

What I normally do is print to PDF in Safari (saving to Desktop), then drag the PDF into DEVONthink.

Mostly Safari reader view works when printing to PDFs and then share to DT.

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Try adding a bookmark to the web page in DEVONthink and log in insde our app. Then try using Tools > Capture > PDF to see if it clips properly.

I was having the same issue and this works. Right clicking the bookmark and selecting ‘convert to PDF’ does not work however.

Welcome @earltedly

Do you mean the Convert to option doesn’t work with the logged in web page?

That’s correct. Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification.
And you’re welcome for the welcome :slight_smile: