Unable to find DTTG in App Store

Is DTTG currently unavailable in App Store?
I tried to follow the link from your site but it didn’t help either.

Works for me (Canadian)
Search for Devonthink
The actual name is DEVONthink To Go 3
Edit: Devon should be Caps

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How about: DEVONthink To Go

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We are sorry, but DEVONthink To Go is not available in your country.

It’s a pity. There is no mention of this anywhere on the site. Had I known this, I would not have uninstalled the app (I wanted to reinstall it due to sync issues).

My hunch this is an Apple issue as the App Store is their retail site?

I had this one with another applications but after going to all my purchases i was able to reinstate the program Look imn the app store for items not on your iphone/ipad. Hopefully this helps.


Thank you!