Unable to find “missing” file

My DTTG on both iphone and ipad have a file that is supposedly missing of database “global inbox”. However, when iI search for the file name (the long numbers.manifest file name generated by DT), nothing appears.

I don’t get this error on my DT3 on Mac even though both programs are otherwise syncing.

Anyone now how I can remove this error message from the log?


You should not merely “remove error message[s] from the log”. They’re presented for a reason.

What sync method are you using?

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Hi. Sorry for misspeaking. I don’t want to remove it for removal sake, but do want to fix the error so the error message can go away.

And I’m using iCloud CloudKit.

Is a verification of the CloudKit sync store successful (see e.g. contextual menu in Preferences > Sync on the Mac)?

Hi. Everything syncs fine on the Mac without errors. The errors only appeared on iOS.

Is this a manufest file that’s reported as missing?
If so…

In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync : Locations, left-swipe the sync location and choose Verify Location Thoroughly.

Once it’s finished, a warning triangle will appear on the sync icon in the bottom toolbar. Touch the icon to see the results.

If it’s still reporting errors…
In DEVONthink To Go’s Settings > Sync: Locations, tap the sync location, then left-swipe the database and choose Clean.

Check the sync icon in the bottom toolbar for a triangle. Tap the sync icon to see if the clean was successful.
If it shows the sync data was successully cleaned, go back into the sync location and enable syncing it again.

I just reinstalled DTTG from remote and one of the databases gives me that warning triangle on a database, where a “.manifest is missing from database …”

I started “Verify Thoroughly” and then got a larger triangle that said “Broken or not yet complete data structure of database …”

So, before trying “Clean” (which wipes the remote location, I closed any and all other DT and DTTG instances and started the clean from the iPad with the most currrent content.

But strangely, the Sync Location still has that database enabled and it was also not deleted remotely.
So the clean simply did no work?!? :open_mouth:

The error message is also still there.

I may try to create a new database and drag all content from the broken database to the new.

Like with the differing item count, I never had similar issues with DTTG 2.x

The results of a clean are clean are reported in the sync icon in DEVONthink To Go. Perhaps the clean failed.

any tips as to how to keep this from happening? I’m on my third verify thoroughly/clean operation for the week. I have DTTG installed on phone and iPad, DT on two desktops, all using Cloudkit, all the latest versions. My database has about 1000 pdf files in it and is 9GB I am never using more than one of these at a time. The process takes a long time and it feels like I am in danger of losing data each time I do it.

There is no danger in cleaning a sync location. It is sync data and isolated from the local databases.

There is no specific prescription for this issue. In fact, we can’t reproduce it at will. We continue to make modifications to the sync engine as we refine it.

If someone encounters it, generally we suggest doing a thorough verification. If errors continue to be reported, clean the location or the specific database’s sync data.

Whatever it is has consumed several hours of my time and left me without access to documents and seems to recur. If I have another week like this one it will be a showstopper for using DT.

And now it is happening again. I have checked/cleaned on phone and iPad, verified on desktop, had a clean sync and after making a single change (highlighting a pdf on iPad, I have sync errors on both iOS devices and they are not syncing.) Both iOS devices are reporting hundreds of missing manifest documents.

Did you do the verification and clean in DEVONthink To Go?

Yes, thorough verification and clean on both DTTG instances. I’ve also completely deleted both iOS instances, did verify and repair on desktop until the log came up clean and then rebuilt the iOS instances from scratch.

  • Are you on your home netowrk?
  • How’s your network connection?

syncing through CloudKit, all devices on home network, ping 17ms, no lost packets for large test, 340mbs down, 88mbs up.

I’ve turned off one desktop and removed DTTG from my phone. I’m rebuilding my DB on my desktop presently as it has my most up to date coherent version. Then I will turn sync off everywhere, delete DTTG from iPad, turn sync on on desktop and then iPad and just use it that way for a time and see.

We appreciate the diligence.

If you could do one more thing before you start syncing… go into the Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences and click the On link under SyncDebugLog. This will increase the depth of logging so if you have to open a support ticket, we’ll have more details that may provide some direction.