Unable to find remote database to sync via WebDAV


Been trying to setup WebDAV for multiple Macs to sync up with a database hosted on the WebDAV location.

First mac (which has an existing DevonThink database) was finally able to sync up to a WebDAV location and successfully upload the database to that location.

On the second Mac I have been unable to connect to that location and DevonThink identify a remote database to import.

My WebDAV settings on the second Mac:
URL: … k%20Store/
Sync Store Name: DocumentStore.dtSyncStore

Note: The WebDAV location has a local IP address as the second Mac is on the same local network.

It seems to accept the configuration settings, however no remote database is shown in the Databases section of the sync window.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Does the second Mac have a copy of the database(s) open already?