Unable to locate keyboard shortcut for application


This request is not specific to DT but because this discussion board has so many knowledgeable people, I am going to ask to see if I get any responses that I haven’t thought of. Apologies in advance.

Recently–and I have no idea why–Apple Calendar has been assigned the shortcut of CMD-Shift-C to bring it to the front. I have absolutely no idea how this happened as I don’t even use Calendar, I use Fantastical. I have searched everywhere. There are no shortcuts for that in Calendar menus, nothing in its preferences. I have no keyboard shortcut assigned to Calendar in the System Settings. It is driving me insane because it is interfering with another keyboard shortcut I have for Spark. I don’t want to just change that shortcut, I want to find out where the heck this shortcut is hiding in my system and get rid of it.

Again, I apologize for this non-DT-related post, but I am completely out of ideas.

Thank you in advance.

See Find out which app receives a shortcut with ShortcutDetective.app.

Brilliant! Raycast was hiding that shortcut. Not sure how but now it’s gone. The ShortcutDetective app crashed shortly after input the command, but that was all the time I needed. Much appreciated.