Unable to Navigate to a Folder

I use DT3 mainly in association with my genealogy research and have lots of photos and documents stored in DT3. These documents and photos sometimes need to be moved into the genealogy software program that I use. As I was entering some information about a specific document (my mother’s death certificate), I wanted to put a pdf of that document into the genealogy program. It asked me to navigate to the location of the document. (The program will not let me drag and drop)

I can easily find the document in DT3 and I can see the file path to where it is located:
Macintosh HD> Users> libiandherb> databases> GenealogyRecords.dtBase2> files.noindex> pdf> 5> SMITHVivian-DeathCertificate.pdf

When I try to follow that path in the Finder, I can get as far as GenealogyRecords.dtBase2, but no further. This has to be very simple. How do I navigate to the file that I want?

Best not to mess with the internal file system of DEVONthink application. Instead, drag and drop (or export) using DEVONthink the file of interest, to say the ~/Desktop, then import the file to the genealogy application using their import methods.

Stay out of using Finder to look at DEVONthink files except in emergency.


I suppose the safer option would be to export the file from DT (e.g. to the Desktop) and then import it from there.

I’m with @rmschne here:

  1. Do not mess about in the internals of a database.
  2. Drag and drop should be your first option in a simple situation like this. True, some apps or sites may not accept drops, but I’d conservatively say most will (excluding Electron apps-ugh!).