Unable to search within XSLT files

I am a web developer, and I am evaluating DT Pro to see if I can maintain a code library that I can use as a reference in my work. So far, DT Pro seems perfect for that task, with one exception - I have a large number of XSLT files that I have imported into DT Pro, but when I search against those files, I get no results. I have also tried to index the files instead of importing, but this made no difference.

With other languages such as Javascript and Python, I can easily search for things like function names and variable names within those files … but DT seems unable to see inside my XSLT files. This seems very odd, as I am able to open these files in DT and read them with no issue - they are even syntax-highlighted.

Is there something that I need to configure in order to search within these files?

XML files (including XSLT) are currently indexed like HTML files and therefore it’s only possible to find contents between tags (but it’s not possible to find tags or their attributes). A future release might change this though.

Thanks for your reply … given that much of the valuable information in our XSLT files is held within attributes, this makes perfect sense. I do hope that this does change in a future version, as XSLT makes heavy use of attributes.

In the meantime, it looks like I can work around this issue by storing code snippets as plain text notes, which are searchable.