Unable to Sync, Clean Location or Any Dropbox activity

I have had this problem intermittently where I cannot sync a database to Dropbox. Now I find that I cannot do anything as listed below:

Sync with Dropbox just nothing happens, if I hit the cancel X in the bar it reports the operation was cancelled.

Clean Location: Nothing happens at all

Export Local Sync Store; it attempts but the local sync store is empty and as above the progress bar never finishes.

Remove and reset Drobox sync location. No help.

Rebuild database, then try to sync no help.

Of course I have verified and repaired all. I am stuck. Not sure what else to do or try?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Open a ticket with Support

Thanks. As is often the case. I quit Devonthink, rebooted computer and now my database and inbox is synching?

It seems like the one actual database is completely loading to dropbox as it says adding 1,290 items .

Will see what happens after this.