Uncategorize metadata

some feedback - if i have a custom “set” metadata, (lets call it “theme”) and i categorize a document, i cannot then uncategorize it.

that is to say, for most of my documents, no theme is selected. that category is empty. but once i select a theme, that metadata can never be deselected. it can be changed, but not deselected, meaning it can never go back to empty.

this seems illogical to me. we can remove so much other metadata - labels, tags, etc. not being able to remove a label color, for example, would make no sense.

i know i could just make a “-” option to signify empty, but then some docs would show nothing in that column, while others would show “-” even though they all are of the same importance.

hopefully in the near future selecting a metadata option does not commit that document forever.

Thanks for the suggestion!