Unclear DevonThink Sync behavior

I have gotten the sync to work well with two different databases on two macs, but I’m not clear what the priorities in the sync are. Let me call the old computer A, the new computer B, and dropbox is the location for the synced database.

What I did was copy all of the files using migration assistant from computer A to computer B. I kept using computer A more than computer B, including adding files to the DTO inbox. When I installed the sync, I set up a sync from computer B for the inbox database only using DropBox. I then synced computer A with the Dropbox sync.

However, there were no changes in either inboxes of computer A or computer B, although the inbox database on computer A has 74 files versus 51 in the computer B inbox database.

Why isn’t the sync changing local files on computer B? I don’t understand and I ended up exporting all the computer A inbox files and importing them to the inbox database on computer B, but I’m perplexed about how sync works for future use.

I plan to add files to both inboxes and then would like to sync computer A’s inbox database and ‘move’ the unique files to the computer B’s inbox. Going from my experience, that won’t work. But maybe I’m missing something totally obvious here?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Francis H.

PS the bug report form link in “About the Sync Plugin Beta.pdf” didn’t work