Underlining in full screen mode turns up black

Hi, I’ve noticed when editing in full screen mode, underlining turns up black instead of the colors chosen. Apparently this is a known problem with full text editors in OS X. I thought I would draw this to the attention of the developer. Actually, there’s a nice thread on the Scrivener forum about this issue. Go to literatureandlatte.com/forum … ull+screen .

Thanks for the bug report. I’ve just checked this, it’s working fine over here (as usual :wink:). Do you use rich or plain text documents? And which font do you use?

I’m using rtf. These were files that were created in Word and then opened in DT full screen. I’m happy to send you the file if you’d like to have a look at it. Actually I have lots of them! I’ve been finding that files created in DT and then opened in Word 2008, and then opened again in DT have this problem as well. The font I don’t think is relevant. Underlining is not controlled by the font itself I don’t think.

Please send some examples to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com plus some instructions how to reproduce the problem. Thanks!

Ok. Will do as soon as I get the chance.