Understanding number of files and results

Hi all!

I’m using the web deeper plugin and am trying to understand what is the differences between the number of files and the number of results. These are displayed once a search has completed.

Also, when I look at the visualiser, what are the number next to each term.

Anyone able to help?


The number of files is the number of web pages and documents which were downloaded & processed, the number of results is the number of those pages/documents which were accepted (and match your search term and settings).

That’s the number of occurrences in the results.

Thank you very much for that swift reply :slight_smile:

A quick follow-up question - am I right in thinking that because of limitations in the way that Google and others process queries (e.g. no NEAR statement), the files returned are based on how the search engine has interpreted the query i.e. it may be less specific than the DT query? Then, DT, narrows it down locally by applying the actual query typed in?


As long as it’s not an Express search DEVONagent always applies its primary & secondary search terms on its own.