Understanding search of emails

Say I import an email by drag and drop into Devonthink. It shows up, and is readable, but none of the text can be copied, and none of the text can be found via a search. The same email is searchable and you can copy text if you open it in Apple Mail.

I’m not sure if there’s a way in regular Devonthink to search content of email; is there? is that a feature of the upgrade to Pro?

Without search archiving email is rather pointless, obviously.

Of course you can search emails.
From the built-in Help > Documentation > Documents > Office Documents, Email, and Others

You can also set a preference to always use the Alternative view, i.e., Text Alternative, in Preferences . Email.

Does that mean only DTP can search email contents, as I asked above? I can add email to DT but no, it doesn’t search contents. And there’s no such Email preference in DT vs Pro.

Which version do you currently use? 2.x or 3.0.x?

DT3 v 3.0.1

And btw, where does an email imported via the Mail.app plugin go? does that also only work in DT Pro? Help doesn’t distinguish between the applications.

I did get at least one dragged-and-dropped email to index, but I’ve also just upgraded to 10.15.1. I’m beginning to think it has to do with the email format, as DT can’t search into HTML formatted emails with the same proficiency as Mail.app.

I’m not sure if DT Pro is any better. Might just try EagleFiler instead.

To the destination selected in Preferences > Import. And the plugin requires at least Pro, the standard edition doesn’t support email archiving or indexing.

Ah, thanks. I wish it was easier to distinguish Pro from the lesser version. At least using the import plugin in Mail could have a note that it only works in Pro instead of just failing. Waste of time.

Because of these frustrations with DT, I’ve moved on to another product for email. I loved DT but for mail, not so much. Turns out Eaglefiler can do both email and other documents, so a better match for a better price, and not a jumble of pricing tiers.