Understanding the Duplicates folder

My DTPO duplicates folder shows 2 copies of a file. I think I am supposed to delete 1 file in the dupes folder and leave the other. But as a new user, at first I thought that I could just delete all the contents in that folder.

While learning to use DTPO at one point I had 1,000+ files in the dupes folder. Is there an easy way to quickly go in and delete 100s or 1,000s of files from the dupes folder?

Your Duplicates folder (a Smart Group) shows all copies - duplicates, triplicates, etc., - so always leave one, else you’ll have nothing left.

Sorry, no.

Thank you, now it is clear.

What is the purpose of the duplicates Smart Folder? Is there any way to hide it?

It’s informational. Like every smartfolder, If you don’t want it, delete it. It’s easy to recreate when needed.