undo a accidently moved folder


is it possible that you can undo a folder move. Sometimes I accidently move a folder or a file - and not sure know where it went. And in the Menu there is not a folder move undo (perhaps a future request?)

Tried Locking folders but when locked still can move folders (very strange).



No, there’s no undo for moving folders.

Locking isn’t intended to prevent movement of folders.

Hello Bill,

so there is no sollution to prevent my clumsyness :wink:

Have a good weekend


A time machine would work. :slight_smile:

Leopard is coming.


Great sense off humor (aka LOL)

when this happens to me, the quickest way is to press shift-command-f and just do a search (for “name” and “fuzzy”). But isn’t it a bit silly that we have to use one of the most advanced search technology on the mac mostly to relocate files that we moved somewhere ? :unamused:
Bill, do you think a more integrated undo-function could be added to the wish-list for future versions? When I misplace something in the finder, pressing command-z usually works, and I do not have to do a spotlight search…