Undo but doesn't undo the last operation

Hello, for a while I have been noticing that reverting a move of a file into another database folder from the inbox, undo reverts back a file from a much prior move … but not the latest move. What is the logic being this ?

Are you referring to moving files from a database’s Inbox to another location in the same database or from the Global Inbox to another database?

Yes the use case is to ‘accidentally’ move something out of the global inbox, into the wrong folder of another database and then clicking ‘undo’, to see the file being restored, that of a prior file being moved out, but not that of the ‘last transaction’,


Came here to post the same question - Cleaning up a global inbox that is years old - from 2000+ items now down to around 300 to go. Dragging into database folders from Global Inbox - if I make a mistake and try to undo it, it will undo the last deletion I made rather than the move. Is there a solution or workaround to this?

Moves within a database are undoable.
Moves between databases are not.

Development would have to weigh in or assess this behavior.

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Thanks. If I only have one database, is there any downside to creating an inbox within that database and not using the global inbox at all?

I think the issue here is the lack of a message of the like ‘the last operation was a move across databases and currently cannot be undone’ - please check the logs… rather than undoing I do not know what the heck it is undoing… but its not what I expected…

Yes exactly. Slightly counterintuitive coming from what I consider a Finder replacement for file management. I am having a few issues with dragging files as well where they won’t drag, presumably because there is a duplicate file in the dragged folder already but I’m not certain and DT doesn’t give a clue. Still relearning DT from a few years of not using it so am guessing most of these idiosyncrasies I will figure out.

but I’m not certain and DT doesn’t give a clue.

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Ahh thanks this is very helpful! As far as why it doesn’t move a file from global inbox to a folder, it may state “UUID already in database” which helps me understand why it doesn’t move the file.

However for an undo, it doesn’t log what it undid (at least from my test of deleting a file then undeleting it". I think that perhaps is the issue that @fmenard123 was referring to.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Development would have to comment and/or assess the logging of undos.