Undo function in DT is still a pain – e.g. no undo after moving a file

I saw request in 2007 and 2011 targeting this issue already.
I am often using drag and drop or the context menu command to move an item.
Everyone and then, I fail and it disappears. Since the UNDO function ist not working, I have to manually search the item.
Even more scary, sometimes I forget this “speciality” of DT and then I undo some other command, I did before!!

DT Team, please make the UNDO function consistent, like we are used to it in other apps.

Now, I have to hurry back to DT to search the item, I just “lost” during moving :slight_smile:

Everyone and then, I fail and it disappears

Please clarify what you mean here.

While dragging and dropping an items to a new group, it easily happens that the item drops during the movement and ends up in the wrong group. Especially with an touchpad this is shaky.
Same happens every now and then, when using the context menu and navigating thru the structure.
So the item “disappears” into the depths of the database. :slight_smile:

Most the time, I am aware in which group I mistakenly dropped the item.
But sometimes I have to search for it, by looking into the adjacent groups or I have to use the search function.

Hmm… I’ve not seen this behavior (and I’ve been a trackpad-only user for a very long time).

Is there any reproducibility to it?

You never miss placed an item during a drag and drop operation?

Anyhow, this is not the reason for the thread.
It is about the missing undo function when an item has been moved.

The “undo” CMD-Z isn’t “remembered” forever (as far as I can tell), nor are they “stacked” up (far as I can tell) to roll back all changes. Gotta do it right after the action you want to un-do.

“undo” appears five times in the DEVONthink Manual. Page 259 talking about a change to 3.8.6 (3.8.7 version) says

Improved overall reliability of undo and redo actions. However, undo and redo of database operations, e.g., moving files in a database, is only enabled if the item list or the Navigate sidebar has focus.

This what is happening?

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What happens if you use CMD + L immediately after misplacing an item when dragging and dropping? I believe that should take you to the group where the item was (inadvertently) moved.


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Hi Stephen_C, thanx of this hint.
Yes, CMD-L opens the target group. So I know where the item got lost.

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rmschne, thanx, you are right.
I experience that, the Undo of a moving operation is working if the move ist within a database.
Since I use the global inbox for all incoming stuff, I usually move items into other databases.
There the undo is not working, respectively not offered.
So, you have to avoid using the UNDO, otherwise you undo the previous operation. This is bad.

The majority of apps allows multiple UNDO steps, typical until the last save command.

It would be great DT could offer a consistent UNDO.