Undo Import (Files) in DT3 does not restore files to finder

I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended behaviour, but this happened to me by accidence and the result of Undo did not seem logical to me. I had to find out that the original file was in the Trash.

To reproduce:

  1. Use Cmd-Drag or menu item File-Import (with option move original to trash) to move a file into DT 3.
  2. Use menu item Edit-Undo Import (files) or Command-Z
  3. One can find the file moved in the DT3 Trash and in the Finder Trash, but not in the original location where it was moved from



NB: the menu based move is not my main concern, because one willfully has to select “move original to trash”, but the Command-Drag one is.

In the latter case the file is moved in the background to the system trash and one may not be aware of this.

Development would have to respond on this, but the process in the Finder is two stages indeed. Also, Command-Z relates to an application, not the entire system. So Undo functions for the operations in that application (or doesn’t if an app doesn’t support Undo).

Jim’s right, undoing is currently limited to DEVONthink.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

@BLUEFROG : maybe something to mention in the (very nice and extensive !) help / documentation, chapter about Import? E.g.

" If you hold the ⌘ Command key when you drag into DEVONthink, the file will be moved, not copied, into the database. Please note that an occasional Undo will not restore the the file to it’s original location."

in the (very nice and extensive !) help / documentation

:blush: Thanks! And the suggestion is noted.