"undo" & "redo" shortcuts for toolbars?

Hello all,

Are there “undo” and “redo” icons that can be added to the toolbars for Rich Text and Plain Text notes? I don’t want to use the keyboard shortcuts as it’s easy to get lost and I don’t want to scroll to “edit” in the above menu (because you leave your note doing so). I’m guessing there is no “track changes” option either?


There are no such items, actually I’m not aware of any app having such toolbar items. The shortcuts are the standard ones (Cmd-Z and Shift-Cmd-Z).

It’s pretty common in word processors (Microsoft Word etc.) and that’s basically what you’re there doing in a DT Text Note, so surely it makes sense.


So I assume there are track changes in the text files either?

The issue with using the keyboard shortcut is that it relies on the cache. It makes the content vulnerable.

The text engine tracks the changes internally but using the shortcut, the menu item or the toolbar item performs exactly the same actions.

Great thanks! Still, it would be cool if there were menu items for undo and redo (and possibly a drop down menu of past edits like in Word). And a track changes option - I feel nervous doing long-form word processing in DT because I can’t track it.