Unexpected: Import imports to global inbox rather than highlighted inbox

This is a behaviour change from DT2, so the behaviour was unexpected. That doesn’t make it a bug - but I thought I’d ask:

In list view I use the disclosure triangle next to Globals/Inboxes to display all available inboxes. I now highlight one of my inboxes, say belonging to Database abc. The view pane shows the contents of that inbox. I now choose File/Import > Images (with OCR)… I expected the import process to place the imported files in the inbox for Database abc. Instead, the files are directed to the Global Inbox.

Is this intended behaviour? Can I temporarily direct imports to a specific inbox any other way? I sometimes import several hundred documents which will all be stored in a specific database. I previously imported them directly into the inbox of that database, and then worked through them, entering metadata and putting the files in the requisite groups. Now they end up in the Global Inbox, meaning I have to move them to the database-specific inbox (otherwise the Global Inbox becomes so cluttered, I can’t use it on a day to day basis). That doesn’t really cause much trouble - it’s just an additional step.

Have a nice weekend, you all :slight_smile:

This is a known issue and will be fixed by beta 3.

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