Unexpected/permanent crash in DTP when handling web archive

I guess the Devon team is very busy at this moment with the Leopard conformity setting but, may be, some of you can help with this DTP+Tiger issue.
For a couple of days, I have been facing unexpected crashes of DTP (Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x0000000c) while handling Web archives. Those have been transferred to DTP by using the bookmarklet “archive.inetloc”. The transfer itself works fine but the problem arises either while using the “classify” feature or just opening the archive in DTP browser. It does not seem to be random but systematic.
I saved the crash report in a txt file but I do not know how to attach it to this post. Could you please let me know how to proceed?
Note: DTP version is 1.3.3, Tiger version is 10.4.10 and both are running on an iMac G5 PPC.
Would be very grateful if you could help :slight_smile:.

Are you running Safari 3? The version of WebKit installed by the beta of Safari 3 in OS X 10.4.10 has some bugs that trigger stability problems for some HTML or WebArchive documents.

The bugs in that build of WebKit are exacerbated if there are hacks to the operating system on a computer, such as haxies, third-party QuickTime plugins and/or third-party input manager plugins (often used by third-party preference panes).

Unfortunately, it appears that the initial release of Leopard still includes a somewhat unstable build of WebKit.

Running a stock (unmodified) operating system reduces the potential of errors on a computer, even with the somewhat buggy release of WebKit.

You can simply copy and paste a crash report into a message to Support, or attach the crash report log file in ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.

Thank you Bill,
In deed, I am running the beta of Safari 3 in Tiger. Should I downgrade to the standard release or should I stay? I guess that this unexpected behaviour will be fixed soon, by the Apple or the Devon teams, won’t they?
Anyway, I send the crash report to the support mailto. It’s a bit chatty but hope it can help.
Thanks again

It’s an issue of the new WebKit which Apple has to fix.

OK Christian,
I’ll send the crash report to Apple. Hope my request is not insulated and will contribute to speed up the resolution of the issue :unamused:.

So that’s why its crashing DTPro under Leopard too?

How do I remove two web archives that are in DTPro that crash it when I try to delete them or move them to another location?

Robert, just switch to a view mode that doesn’t require an attempt to display the WebArchive, such as List or Column view. Then you can select and delete the document.

Thanks, Bill. Just tried that and it crashed again. I used the toobar icon to try to change the display :frowning:

Restarted it and used the View menu to change the display and they’ve gone. :slight_smile:

Now lets see what happens when I go back to my usual display…

… it’s all working fine 8)

I have been using the same workaround but I can’t be satisfied with that situation which prevents me from using DTP as I wish :frowning:.
As recommended, I sent multiple crash reports to Apple and I invite each of us (Devon team inclusive) to proceed in the same way. Power of number?
In addition, I do hope that Apple will provide with a fix for both Tiger and Leopard OS. :question:

Is the DTP team actively working with Apple to get this resolved? Just sending crash logs isn’t going to do it. I’ve worked with Apple in the past as a developer and if you aren’t giving them a small example program that demonstrates that it is their bug, they’re likely to to say it’s your problem. So if you’re (and by extension you’re users) relying on them to just fix this, then I’m not holding my breath.

In the end, DTP is the app that is barely usable for web research in its current state and if the problem isn’t fixed, no matter who is to blame, every Leopard user will avoid DTP.

Leopard is a beta and hopefully Apple is aware of this. In the meantime we’re trying to ship a compatible version as soon as possible.

These are good news because, as mentionned by “byamabe”, the risk is the status quo, each party awaiting the other and, at the end of the day, no reliable solution for the end users who could be wrongfully diverted DTP or DTPO.
Personnaly, I have not yet decided to upgrade to Léopard. Therefore, I hope that the new version will be compatible with Tiger (PPC) as well.

The new version will be still compatible to both PPC and Tiger.

Some web archives are still crashing with 1.3.4 beta4 and 10.5.1. Things are a little better after unchecking the “Block advertisements” preference.

As far as I can tell, there are still WebKit stability problems in OS X 10.5.1, so WebArchive problems will remain until Apple makes some code changes.

Take a look at PDFs as an alternative to WebArchive captures. PDFs “printed” via the Save to DEVONthink Pro script now retain working hyperlinks, which is a very nice improvement over PDFKit in Tiger. There are also improvements in notes and other annotations to PDF files under Leopard’s Preview, and such exits are viewable in a DT Pro database.

PDFs might be a good suggestion for some, but many of my archives are tutorials that use Flash, JavaScript, CSS, etc. and web archives are what I need.

Do you have any commitment from Apple that this will be fixed? Or will you continue to sell a product that is broken? You can keep telling me that Apple has to fix WebKit, but now every 10.4.11+ and 10.5+ user will have problems with basic functionality.

I am still not convinced that this is a WebKit problem. I can right-click open the web archive in Safari, but if I open it in a DTP window it crashes. Apple may have changed the behavior of an API call that is causing DTP to crash, but that doesn’t make it their bug or that they will ever revert the behavior.

However, if this is DEVONtechnologies position, I will be sure to warn all Safari3 users from purchasing DTP until Apple fixes their bug.

Other users, and I as well, have found Safari 3 less stable than Safari 2. Several users have listed sites whose contents saved as WebArchive will crash Safari 3 when opened. Some of those involved Flash.

Safari 3 has enhanced features. The current WebKit with its hooks that can be used by developers will be great, but there remain some teething problems. Because of the nature of APIs provided to WebKit, other applications calling them can have stability problems not apparent in Safari itself.

Our experience with previous OS X upgrades is that Apple will move to improve stability and performance, as well as enhance features through incremental upgrades. Developers can and do report problems to Apple – but it isn’t their customary behavior to respond with any specifics as to when or whether a problem may be corrected.

As your needs emphasize stability with WebArchive files that may contain Flash and other features that currently cause problems for DT Pro, I understand and sympathize with your concerns. We are trying to solve those problems as soon as possible.

My own research and teaching databases rarely if ever contain WebArchives, so I’m fortunate enough not to have to worry about that format. As I often have to share files with colleagues using other platforms (Windows, Linux and UNIX) I tend to use PDF for sharing information. I do most captures from the Web as rich text in order to avoid ads and extraneous material. I do drafting in rich text. I assemble final output in a reasonably powerful word processor (anything but Word) and then convert to PDF. Needless to say I’m very pleased by the improved “print as PDF” features in Leopard, as any competent word processor can now produce documents that are cross-platform compatible, including external (to the Web) and internal (e.g. endnotes) hyperlinks in the PDF version.

I’m pleased so see that 10.5.1 corrects a really irritating behavior that was introduced in the initial release of Leopard. When one used Services to send data to DT Pro the focus of the application changed. Now it doesn’t.

Please send all web archives causing a crash to our support address and I’ll check what can be done. Thanks.

I installed both Tiger 10.4.11 (the ultimate) and DTP 1.3.4 (the beta) and, so far, so good. I have been handling multiple web archives which caused crashes of DTP and, for time being, things seem to be safe and stable again. I will continue to observe the behavior of the application and will notify any problem, should it arise.
Right now, thank you for the fix.