"Unexpected" Quit

Every time I Quit DT I get the message that it quit unexpectedly…

It can’t be unexpected since it quit by command: either cmnd-Q or via the menu item. I suspect it is something to do with syncing via CloudKit (whatever) but even if I wait some time after working with DT to allow time for syncing to take place I still get the error msg.

Could someone tell me where the problem lies? There really should be some visual indication that syncing is taking place.

MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 DT 3.9 Mac Mini( Intel) 32Gb Ram

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key to start a support ticket, thanks.

There is. If the databases aren’t synced yet you’ll see a black dot next to the database name in the sidebar to show that it’s not synced. When the sync is occurring, you’ll see a progress bar along the bottom of the sidebar just above the menu buttons showing you what’s syncing (it shows the file name and a blue bar with progress - well it’s blue for me, but I change my Mac settings a lot so I don’t know if that’s the default colour). If the sync is quick and you’re not looking at the screen at the right moment, you probably won’t see the progress bar. I tend to only notice it when I’m in DT and making a lot of file changes.


Thank you for the helpful replies. I see there is some visual reference to syncing which is good but as you say it is easily missed.

I think part of the problem may lie in how/when DT & CloudSync making contact. I can’t find any stated fixed time interval between syncs, but it doesn’t appear to be a continuous process, rather it appears to take place at set intervals. If I quit and DT Sync happen to coincide then it produces the error msg.

I’ll try a few scenarios and see what happens.

You can set the intervals (or automatic or manual) at Menu → Preferences → Tab: Sync → “Synchronize”.

“Preferences” is called “Settings” now on the latest OS. It’s going to take me at least 10 years to get used to this change :laughing:

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Well spotted. Good Catch. I did the whole string from my memory. My bad.

I’m still on Catalina on this machine.

Sync is set to Automatic so presumably it’s sync as you go, possibly during periods of inactivity…

A note to all: At the moment we are continuing to call it Preferences as this is used in the older OSes still and has many, many years of traction.

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Purely for the record, does the “Automatic” Setting/Pref/whatever sync as you go? IE DT syncs during periods of inactivity?

Here’s a general idea:
Automatic syncs ~30-45 seconds after changes are made or after ~4.5 minutes of idle time.

Thanks Bluefrog. That does give me some idea of why I’m getting the error msg - I quit at the time it’s syncing. I’ll make sure to check in future.