Ungrouped document don't show

Is this a bug: I import a .gif from the Finder by dragging it over the DT Pro incon in the dock. I can see the newly imported file in every view EXCEPT the 3 panes view (it is missing a group like “unfiled”. That seems a pretty big oversight. I think that ungrouped documents should simply appear below the list of groups.

No, not a bug.

In the Three-Panes view, e.g., of your root view, groups will appear in the left pane and documents will appear in the top pane. Click on a group in the left pane, and the top pane will show the individual documents within that group. To see subgroups, click on the group’s triangle in the left panel. Click on a subgroup and its individual documents will be listed in the top panel.

If your image document was imported into the root window and was not placed within any group, display the root level window, e.g., in the Vertical Split view. Now switch to the Three-Panes view. The image document should be found – along with any other ungrouped documents in the root window – in the top pane.

Tip: If in the Vertical Split view you have an open document or group, switch to the Three-Panes view, then back to Vertical Split. Notice that the document is now ‘closed’.

Dear Bill,

First of all I want to thank you for your help. You put a lot of time an energy into this. Being CEO of an international company, my time is counted and I really appreciate the time you put in. DevonThink is an important software for me and I have decided to invest time in making it better. I am a software designer by background. I will forward this to DevonThink.

I understand your explanation, but I must admit there is still a big hole. Here it is:

  • the three pane view is in my opinion the most convenient view. It is also very similar to two other apps most people use i.e. Entourage and Mail. The first second I started using DT Pro this is the view I used.
  • This view DOES NOT show the root.
  • When I did my tests of scripts, workflows and other ways to move Safari pages in DT Pro, I COULD NOT SEE MY DOCUMENTS!! I believed then that the scripts were not working. Am I stupid?
  • ALSO, and this is important: I understand your explanation. BUT if I go to three colomn view and then switch to the three-pane view. The documents in the root WILL SHOW ONLY IF I HAD NO GROUP selected! Otherwise, the top part of the three pane view will show me the documents in the group that was selected in the vertical view.
  • To see the ungrouped documents in the three-pane view, I need to either click on one of the in the three column view, or I need to maje sure that no group is selected.
  • SOLUTION: in the three pane view, just below the vertical list of folders, there should be a gray line, and the ungrouped documents should show there. That way, we see everything everytime.

What do you think?

Thanks again

Why should top level documents be displayed in the left pane whereas documents inside groups would be only displayed in the upper right pane? I guess that would be quite inconsistent.

The only difference to Mail 2.0 currently is that DT Pro can stuff contents at the root. But everything else should be identical - the upper right pane displays the contents of the selected group. If no group is selected, then the top level group is “selected”.