Unhelpful error message

When setting up sync in DEVONthink To Go 3.0 on my iPhone, I toggled on a bunch of databases and then got an error message — warning me that I might be about to permanently delete data!

This is really good to know — but I really, really need to know WHICH database it refers to.

“This database” is wildly unhelpful in this context. (Database names in the screenshot redacted for obvious reasons and, yes, I get that the one marked “Local” is the most likely suspect. Still…)

Disable them and turn them on one-by-one, unless you know which database you’ve set to a shallow sync.

Also, you should make sure the old sync location is still active and hasn’t been cleaned, if you’re going to proceed here unless you’ve already successfully synced databases from DEVONthink on a Mac to the CloudKit location.

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