Uninstall Devonthink personal after upgrade to pro

Hello there,

I just installed Devonthink Pro (2.7.1) after having run Devonthink personal for a while.

It seems that PRO has copied the whole database. Now I have both pro and personal installed, each with its own database. I am wondering about the best way to uninstall the old files, including the 9 GB database in it. Just deleting files in library/application support?

Thank you for any suggestions!

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Yes, after conversion you can delete DEVONthink Personal’s database folder from ~/Library/Application Support/.

Make sure to remove the DEVONthink Personal application file from the computer, so as to prevent possible confusion by scripts and Services about where to save new content.

Perfect! Thank you for the quick reply!

I think you’ll inevitably run into problems if you have both DT Personal and DT Pro installed on your machine. It might even be best to completely uninstall both and then reinstall DT Pro.

See here: Devonthink Sorter

I agree that problems can arise if two DEVONthink applications are installed on the computer.

After conversion of the Devonthink Personal database by DEVONthink Pro, move the DEVONthink Personal application to the Trash. Note that the Sorter, if running, must be Quit and of course the application itself must be Quit, in order to move it to the Trash.

But after removing the DEVONthink Personal application in the case noted by the OP, it shouldn’t be necessary to remove and reinstall the copy of DEVONthink Pro. I’m assuming that the OP had run the Install Add-Ons procedure after installing DEVONthink Pro. It’s a good idea to restart the computer after changing editions of DEVONthink, however, just to be certain all scripts and Services are clued in to the currently installed edition.