Universal Control

Anyone using Unversal Control and transferring files between Macs with it?

I have a support ticket from someone saying it changes modification dates (and Iā€™m on a location with only one of my Macs in front of me :slight_smile: )

@BLUEFROG , I can confirm that the modification date is indeed changed when transferred between Macs using the Universal Control file-transfer,

Specifically, the modification date on the target Mac becomes the date/time at which the transfer was done. I created a short test file and tried this out. After creating the file, I waited ~2 minutes and then moved the file over. The modification timestamp is the time at which the transfer took place.


Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation.

Does one use drag/drop for this kind of file-transfer?

@chrillek , yes. You basically drag the file from one Mac to the other.

This works even between Macs and iPads, DEVONthink To Go included.