Universal delete link to EN

I’ve exported my dB in EN to DTPO. However, all of my records now link back to the corresponding EN note. Is there a way to universally delete the EN link in my DTPO dB?

This may help… Evernote Import URL Capture

thanks, that works. Wish it could be programmatic on import.

Also, I couldn’t make the export as .enex and import to DT did not work for me.

The majority of EN Users want to work with both apps (though, No - I don’t understand why personally), so the default is to link back to the original note.

I can understand if they were just trying DTPO for the first time. (Of course, the EN export doesn’t change the data in EN, but for most of us we didn’t really understand until we’d done it).

There will be somethings I miss with EN, particularly the automatic on-the-fly syncing and automatic OCR of every file, but I understand you’re working on the mobile side. Certainly the learning curve is much steeper with DTPO.

Can’t help but think DTPO would make faster progress if it moved to a yearly subscription fee.

DEVONthink Pro (Office) is constantly being updated-latest update was less than a week ago. Just curious, but what is it about a subscription model that you think would change that?

And the upgrade looks good. Wish I could say the same about the on-the-go app.

I don’t know what other revenue irons Devon has in the fire, but generally the regular, recurring income model helps speed development and integration.

While more powerful than EN in some ways, it’s also more “fidgetty” and demanding of attention than EN in many other ways. As I said, the learning curve is quite steep.

If communication between the two were better, I’d really prefer EN for universal input and DTPO for superior organization, discovery, and output.

Of course, I imagine it’s all in how one views a dB solution like EN or DTPO. In my case, the data funneled into each is not an end in itself, but a means to a larger finished product. That was the problem with EN, it is a data dead end (someone around here called it the Roach Motel of data systems).

But I do resent the rather inordinate amount of time I have to spend with input into DTPO now. Go to the Global Inbox, convert to PDF+Text, tagging and sorting. Plus, a fair amount of dB management.

Still, I’m committed to dropping EN, if at all possible.

I don’t see the application of a subscription model to our way of doing things. We don’t offer a cloud service and we are certainly not Adobe. Also, EN has a large, multi-site employee base and venture capital funding that accounts for their pace of development.

I hear this said, but no one seems to be able to qualify it. DEVONthink can be used very simply. It can also be used in very complex ways, many times in ways that other apps can’t. The User determines much of the experience.

Which is exactly my point. How long have people been waiting for the new DT-OTG app?

I hear this said, but no one seems to be able to qualify it. DEVONthink can be used very simply. It can also be used in very complex ways, many times in ways that other apps can’t. The User determines much of the experience.
Well allow me to try:

EN has cloud syncing of all of your devices and of all data
EN performs OCR automatically on every upload
EN is speedy, without multiple dBs to manage
EN manages multiple-site backup of client data
EN OCR Scans pix of documents directly into the dB
EN has Natural Language Queries, with no operators needed

DTPO’s only real strength over EN is on the organization & output side. Having said that, DT Agent is a wonder.

You jest, surely? :mrgreen:

As an environment to support research in my document collections, I consider Evernote to be extremely weak, compared to DEVONthink Pro Office.

Just to be clear, DTPO is superior on the backend of organizing and getting information out. But EN is far superior on the input side.

Particularly for me since 80% of work is in the field. Without access of any sort, I’m only one dunking or dropped phone from losing a day’s worth of research and work with DTPO. EN, I can sync on the fly.

At root in this discussion is whether DT would benefit from a subscription strategy. The length of time it’s taken to bring a new version of DTOTG to market pretty much proves my point. More cash in the system would allow the hiring of more or better talent or buying your way out of programming branches that deadend.

I disagree. A subscription model is not useful for every developer, especially one that has no cloud service for sale (as does EN, Adobe, Microsoft, etc). Also, many people hate subscription services, software or otherwise. (I personally am averse to it.)

Same here. Time will tell if the Smile Software’s TextExpander subscription will be successful, but it is certainly launching this week with considerable backlash.

Ouch! :smiley:

Well, I guess EN’s subscription base explains EN’s lack of users base when compared with DTPO. Serious tools require serious development, which costs money.

TextEx is really a different business case from a complex data product that actually collects and protects a life’s work. It’s the difference between a toy and a tool. And, until DTPO actually develops a solid cloud presence, I’ll have to keep EN to gather material and then export the files to DTPO for final production work.

I, as many do, understand that progress --even if “progress” is defined as merely meeting new industry norms and standards regarding security & encryption-- as well as innovation, they cost money.

If EN ever gets as serious about organization and output as it’s SDK is open for input, I’ll be glad to use it exclusively. In the meantime, EVERYONE in the field is offering EN export. Most have cloud services: one note, apple notes. Just no backend solutions.

Eventually EN, Apple, Spiceworks, FileMaker, One Note, or DT will put the entire package together: superb input solutions, automatic cloud syncing, and a terrific backend.

Innovation costs money. All the lowhanging fruit has been picked in the app field (just look at the glut of duplicative input solutions for EN).

Geez, Bud! Your use case is your use case. Others have different ways of using the products. I used to use Evernote for a different purpose, but started using DTPO exclusively after some research and determining it fit my needs best. I don’t use it for a giant business or production effort, just for my small business doing research and writing and all the recordkeeping, but it works fine for me.

It just seems uncool to be in this forum a couple of months and be telling DTPO what kind of business model it should have and telling it you will abandon it as soon as something else comes along. Okay - go ahead, but there’s no sense coming in here and bragging about how smart you are for doing it and why. Especially when you’re arguing with people who apparently know something about the product, company, and business model. This sounds like the kind of note you would post in the Evernote forums instead.


Well, you’re welcome to your opinion, of course. I paid my money, so my opinion is as valid as anyone else’s.

I’m wed to solutions, not products.

Clearly the data storage market is moving away from the standalone product & into the cloud.

And what if I do abandon DTPO for a product that better suits my needs? It’s not like they’re losing revenue. It’s pretty much a one-time purchase. I bought the entire suite. It’s not like they’re going to lose any rent if I go.

I was merely describing my ideal product. Think of it as a product suggestion. I’m pretty sure I’m not The only one who does a lot of travel & field work using mostly mobile platforms & cloud solutions. In the 1099 economy, a lot of people do.

Glad DTPO meets your needs. But yours is not the only case study.