University EZProxy support?

I’m still in the evaluation phase regarding DA, but one thing that I could really use an answer for is whether or not there is a way to use DA to search my university library through EZProxy support.

Does anyone happen to know if this is possible?

It’s not yet supported but we’re still considering this for future releases (see Devonagent and EZproxy)

Thanks for the update, Christian. I’m glad to hear that it’s in the works.

Several years later, just wanted to know if there was any progress on this?

… bump…

ezproxy is pretty much required for many researchers

FWIW - I too would welcome this.

What is the current status of this? Is there a way to log in to university databases that require net id and password through ezproxy?

Echo the request to know status. I could also take advantage of this. provided it’t not to complicated! :smiley:

Hi everyone – would like to add to the request regarding ezproxy integration. It would be most welcomed and utilised!