"Unknown" file formats in DTTG

quite a few of my .pdfs appear as “unknown” file in DTTG and only consists of 631 bytes. In Devonthink Professional they work perfectly fine. Do you know why that is the case?

Thanks in advance


Same here. I guess there exist some kinds of size limitation in transfer. I tried several files, they acted the same as you wrote. I think I can’t do anything with this version of DTTG until the next fixed version comes out… :frowning:

I have a related problem, I’ve Imported a loads (hundreds) of taskpaper formatted files that DTTG can’t read.

The format is actually just plain text, but since DTTG doesn’t know that I can’t “convert” them.

Anyone know a way to force DTTG to recognise them?


(Edit, managed to do a bulk conversion with Workflow app)

What do you see when you select one in Files.app?


The files app can’t understand them either, but if I drop them into the Gladys app it can see they’re clearly text. They would have originally had a .taskpaper suffix, presumably with matching underlying metadata.

I’ve now managed to write a workflow that lets me select all the files from a DTTG group and re-writes them to iCloud Drive. That round trip seems to convert them into text files and I can then re-import into DTTG, so emergency averted :slight_smile:


Indeed. The operating system doesn’t know what a .taskpaper file is unless there was a QuickLook plugin for it. Though I don’t have the app, I would assume installing Taskmator would likely provide such a plugin.

Hmm, I used to have taskmator but uninstalled it, I might give that a try next time.


Let us know, as I don’t have it. Thanks! :smiley:

FWIW I can confirm that having Taskmator installed does not change the situation (DTTG unable to read *.taskpaper files).

This is kind of a bummer since a lot of my files start out in TaskPaper. And round trip editing doesn’t seem to work with Taskmator or 1Writer.

I’ve seen other iOS apps that allow you to define a list of file extensions that would be treated as plain text. Something like that would be useful in DTTG as well.

This might not be the right thread, but I’ve recently found a need to use .taskpaper file formats.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to “force” DT and DTTG to read .taskpaper as Markdown files, so that preview rendering was an option.

I’m guessing this wouldn’t be easy, and the best case scenario would be a preferences change on macOS and nothing on iOS, but I thought I’d ask!

No, this isn’t possible. Support for the Taskpaper spec would have to be specifically added.

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No problem. Thanks for the swift response!

No problem :slight_smile: