unlock a database?

the scenario: I was working in DTPO on my iMac, saved my work, closed all programs, synced (using ChronoSync) with my MacBook Pro, shut down my iMac, opened DTPO on my MacBook Pro, and my database is locked. Both computers running Snow Leopard.

the questions: why? how can I unlock it?

Thanks very much, Keith

updated info: if I copy my database to an external drive and then my MacBook Pro, it still opens as locked; however, if I open it directly from the external drive, it is not locked!

I would be very very grateful for any suggestions!!

Thanks very much, Keith

I assume you’re looking at Finder’s Get Info to see the locked status on the .dtBase2 file (the database package)? Can you unlock it from there?

I’d suspect that ChronoSync or some other process locked it, then failed to terminate elegantly and the lock wasn’t released. You might look into the Console logs to see if anything seems suspicious.

If you can unlock from Finder, you should be good to go.

Afterwards, I’d suggest running Disk Utility, Onyx, or some other permissions repairing utility on your laptop.

Let us know how it goes.

Thanks, Korm - but I can’t find a way to unlock the files. And, the thing that really confuses me is that if I copy the database from my iMac to an external drive, I can attach that drive to the MacBook Pro and open it from there with no lock present. If I then copy the file to my MacBook Pro internal drive, the lock is present on open! Can you figure out why those things would be true? It’s almost like it’s the internal drive rather than the file or DTPO. I’m going to write to the Econ Technologies folks and see if they have any ideas - I’ll let you know. Thanks again! Keith

You can’t unlock it in Finder’s Get Info?

Are you logged in as an administrator on that machine?

(If a database is locked, then opened in DTPO, then unlocked in Finder - it needs to be closed in DTPO before it appears as unlocked again in DTPO. Hope that’s not confusing.)

It’s getting weirder! (note: I am logged in as administrator on all machines)

I had planned to upgrade to Lion but I hadn’t yet done so; now I have - on both machines. And, since the files on the iMac were the last ones edited, I copied those to an external drive and then to the MBPro. No locks! But, my DTPO on the MBPro keeps opening with my default db open even if I close it before quitting DTPO (I have open windows open on quit chosen). On my iMac, it behaves as expected - opens a window with no db open if no db was open on quit. Both running 2.2.1. Is this somehow related? I haven’t tried any syncing with this new setup yet - do you think this difference in behavior between the 2 machines is in any way related to the unlocked / locked differences of the previous scenario? Are there things I should do to get DTPO behaving correctly before I go back to trying the syncing?

Thanks for any continued thoughts!

At this point I’d uninstall DTPO, including the preference files (use AppZapper or something like that) and start over. Obviously, something is hosed - so starting form scratch might be faster.

If you reinstall DTPO, and still have problems, then it’s got to be something about that machine and not DTPO.