Unnecessarily wide menu bar element around the icon in icon mode

a minor thing for sure but the icon blocks an unnecessary amount of space in the menu bar. Do others experience this too? (I am on a M1 MBA with Big Sur.)

(Google Drive has the same behavior, as you can see on the right side of the shortcut.)

This is intentional to make drag & drop onto the menu extra easier.

I see. Just something I don’t use (yet). Having space issues in my menu bar all the time so this seemed like an anti-feature, but in this regard there is just a conflict of needs here. Thx for the info.

Another option might be to switch the Sorter to a Dock tab (see Preferences > Sorter)

Thx for the suggestion but menu bar feels like the more natural position for me. I use it mostly for making quick notes while researching something (with the note staying so little that the tiny window is enough). I used Evernotes menu bar thing for this all the time and it served me well. If I would want to put new files into DT, i would always do it via the folder that I attached to my dock aside from it being in the finder sidebar.