Unread count doesn't match in smart group and database icon

Hi, I’ve noticed that my smart group “Unread” is not giving the same count as the database unread icon and I can’t work out why. This is the smart group:

Smart group - unread

This group gives a count of 2439.

The database icon gives a count of 2090. We’ve discussed previously that DevonThink counts the Inbox separately if your preference is Unify inboxes, as mine is. But my inbox is at 360, which means the combined inbox and database = 2450.

I don’t know how to troubleshoot what is missing from the smart group (or being counted incorrectly, given that I don’t know which number is right!), or why that would be the case. Does anyone have an idea?

Just curious if the database verifies as healthy?

I am seeing some odd display behavior, @cgrunenberg.

The System database should show a 1 for the unread item – not in its Inbox, and the Suppliers database shows a 1 but has no unread items…

Close the window and open a new one - still the same?


And after removing the filter? The filter does not affect the numbers in the sidebar, only the item list.

New window, no filter

… and …

Yep database is fine, has been verified twice today. There’s no way for me to know which item count is correct (the database or the smart group) but it looks like you’re reporting an odd count as well so perhaps it’s the same issue?

Seems likely right now.

No issue at all. In case of disabled unified inboxes it’s the item count of the local inbox since version 3.0.

Ok, but that doesn’t explain the problem I have?

Hard to tell without having access to your database. E.g. it’s not always possible to just sum up various counts, especially when using replicants. And the count of the unified inbox includes also other databases.

Ah I think we’ve found the discrepancy. I do have 10 replicants that are marked unread. When I compare the numbers today (and DTTG for fun), the replicants account for the discrepancy. Thanks for the clarification!

(And thank you in advance for explaining this again in 2 years when I forget :upside_down_face:)