Unread documents driving me crazy

I’ve seen a LOT of threads on the board started by users looking for a way to tame the problem of DT marking items as “read” when users accidentally click on them. All well and good—we know this can be defined as “user error” (arguably). But I believe a strong user need is ample justification for more than just “oh, you can write a script to fix that” response.

Yet I’ve found zero workarounds for this in the forums, manual, or from staff.

Isn’t there at least a keyboard shortcut to mark an item as “unread”?

A bigger problem I’m having is that everything I import into DT from Safari with the plug-in gets automatically marked as “read” the minute it lands in DT. There is no option for setting imported documents to be marked as unread in Preferences, Import (which greatly surprises me).

The same problem occurs with emails imported. You click on the email, Apple Mail marks as read immediately, and you would have to go out of your way to designate it as “unread” in Apple Mail before running the keyboard shortcut to import it into DT in order to ensure that it lands in DT as “unread.”

Nor is there an icon for the toolbar that would mark a document as Unread with one click.

I wouldn’t be complaining so much about this if I hadn’t seen SO many threads already asking, begging for more control over this feature.

Does anyone have a simple workaround or fix (NOT a script, and NOT something like training your mind to re-classify unread items as “read” and vice versa, and then use some hack to reverse the way you interact with DT, which solution I read about in one thread with complete incredulity flooding my brain).


command-K toggles the selected document(s) between read/unread status

Thank you SO much! :smiley: