Unreliable Sync

DevonThinkProOffice is an essential part of my research work flow and have used it since 2005. I welcomed the DevonThink To Go App as an extension of that workflow. As much as I want to use it, I’ve learned to no longer trust it.

What can I say, when it works, it works well. But, after several days of use it mysteriously stops syncing to my desktop. The only action I find that restores the sync is to delete the app and start over. With this routine I’ve learned to never trust the app with content created in the app. It has become a “read only” app on my iPad. I need something better than this. When the new sync capabilities move out of beta I will try this app again (I’m assuming that at some point DTTG will be part of the new sync routines.)

While I know many probably use this without glitches, I have not been able to achieve a reliable sync. After fighting this app for over a year I’ve given up until a new sync protocol proves reliable. If your thinking about using the app, think carefully, test throughly, and read the comments on the discussion board before deciding to trust this app with original content.